All prices are PER item

Longsleeve Dress Shirt – $2.50 (Laundry) | $5.25 (Dry Clean)

2Pc Suit – $12.50 |  Sport Coat Only – $7

Pants – $5.25 | Jeans – $5.75 | Skirt – $5.25 |Shorts – $5.50

Dresses (call for quote) | Normal $10-20 | Delicate – $25-60

Wedding dress cleaning and boxing starts at $275 (See Dress Cleaning Page for More info)

Dry Cleaning

Call us for our Dry Cleaning pricing

Pricing can vary depending on the soil level, stains, and other specifics with each garment. Below are where our prices START per garment, given standard turn around time. Please fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with an exact quote ASAP. You can even upload images now to tell us what you need done!

New Prices Coming Soon in 2023